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A question for my Heathen friends:

What supposedly happens after Ragnarok? Are the Gods dead then? Do they go to Valhalla? I guess most of the people here then go to Hel unless they fought?

Well the sun goddess has a daughter just before she dies…

I’m relatively new to the religion but to my understanding there are a couple gods left, I heard of thors kids living. As to hel I heard that is reserved for people that die of sickness or old age. They are to serve as her servants and live in peace and comfort.

From my understanding, which could be wrong as Hel is the only goddess in the Norse pantheon that I work with, anyone who does NOT die in battle. To me this would mean that during Ragnarok if one were to die from smoke inhalation they would then go to Hel. If they were engaged in battle during Ragnarok though they would go to Valhalla. I don’t know that there is any “in between” places for the dead.

There are a bunch of different options. This is my understanding:

Died in battle - Valhalla, Folkvangr

Unmarried women - Folkvangr, possibly, if not Hel

Death by drowning at sea - Ran’s hall

Everyone else - Hel

Other options: staying in their graves, becoming a family dis, inhabiting natural features (possibly), being snatched up by a deity and going to their hall to live, possibly reincarnating (not sure about that last one).

So basically Hel is like Hufflepuff House but if you fit the criteria for another afterlife you can go there. (In Ran’s case, she catches people in her nets so you don’t have much of a choice.)

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New item available: Norse/Viking Hygiene Kit (1 currently available pre-made)

This will be listed on my Etsy shop when I open it back up in a week or so, but for now is available by invoice only. Price is $30 for the set + $5 shipping (Domestic; shipping outside U.S. will depend on international rates). Custom orders are welcome after the first set is sold.

This set is based off of grave finds showing the types of utensils commonly used for hygiene purposes in Scandinavia during and outside of the Viking Age. Sets as well as individual pieces have been found, and I offer a 3-piece set including tweezers, a pick for cleaning nails and an ear spoon (spoon not recommended for actual use). The pieces are put onto a twisted steel ring to be easily suspended from a brooch or otherwise worn on the person, and they also fit easily into a pouch.

All are handmade using mild steel and are in working quality/condition. Do not allow to sit wet for extended periods as mild steel will rust. If rusting occurs, clean the utensils with a wire brush or steel wool.